Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bush tucker, Borders and Blarney

Here are the cooks extrodinaire - very black and white.

Wonderful food was prepared for a feast last night - vegetarian (bottom of photo)and non vegetarian (top of photo) entrees, mains and dessert. The cheesecake was topped with passionfruit pulp and cream from a can.
Food was followed by a trip to the new Borders Store at the Canberra Centre. This trip was taken under the misunderstanding (from the brochure supplied to TSS by Borders) that the store was open til 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!!!
Well we can report that it definitely was not open at 9pm on Thursday the 9th of November 2006. We all mournfully gazed through the windows at the expanse of books, and cash registers and wondered what we would have bought, had they been open!!!
If you check out the Borders link it suggests that it is open until 11pm?!?!? I later spoke to a Borders person who suggested that in the States they stay open long hours and that here they had two options, stay open later and change people's shopping habits or wait until the patrons demanded longer hours - they have gone for the former rather than the latter.

Here is the view through the grill into the store and here is what TSS thought of the night.

We also checked out the Ms Dewey site. Note that this is very slow loading even on broadband, so be prepared to pop out to Borders (as we did) or do a load of washing and hang it out while waiting!!!

This morning I came into work and was rung up by the Borders store to see if they could help me. I thought "they want to apologise for last night", but no they wanted to see what my needs were as a Librarian! I am going to breakfast with them next Friday morning and I have told them to invite JC, so we will see.

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Richard Carter said...

Beware the book chains. Cheaper prices, less choice, less local business etc. Even Americans are starting to realise they may not be a great idea.
See below.