Saturday, November 04, 2006

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Sweet Potato Rosti recipe
I got this recipe from Sanitarium, who send me a recipe a week to try. Sometimes I try and sometimes I delete. This one I should have deleted, however it was not a complete disaster.

TSS came around with beautiful offerings of an apron (need to have an apron if you are an internet cook!!!!), modelled by Aunty A on this page, as well as a meatless recipe book, which will feature in books section of this page. TSS kindly marked all her favourite recipes for me.

First Aunty A chopped up the sweet potato and then the red onion. We were making sweet potato rosti with tomato and bean salsa. Using my brand new whiz - pictured here. (that has a blender as well as a whizzer) I grated the sweet potato and the onion, mixed it with the egg and flour and made a mess. After some consideration, and consultation, it became obvious that the rosti's wanted the freedom to turn into a fritata (on account of how the rosti's where trying to get together in the pan), so I added some garlic and tomato, sprinkled grated cheese on top, omitted the beans and hey presto we have sweet potato fritata. Here is what we did with the original recipe. TSS and I had no trouble consuming our "fritata", along with a bottle of wine, ice cream and lollies.

We then looked at how I load photo's (we need to get out more I know) onto my blogs. I need to download photoshop at some point, but it does take 10 hours to download, so I want to do it at night, and then of course I forget and then it is another 24 hours.

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