Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today we wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Mici's birthday.  We have been to other Japanese restaurants, but were looking to try something new.

We decided, after doing some research to give this one a try,  Kokoro or Heart in English.  The restaurant is in Gunghalin, about 25 minutes away on the other side of town.

Kokoro is located in the G, a shopping mall.  Access to the restaurant is from a side street outside of the mall.

It is nicely set out, with tables and comfortable chairs.  The walls had an interesting wood feature.   There were few diners as it was nearly 2pm by the time we entered the restaurant.  The service was efficient and unobtrusive.

A banquet for 2 or more was available. I love that you could get a banquet as a couple, there are not many restaurants that do that.  There were 6 courses and dessert.  Two large pots of tea were also ordered.

There was more than enough food, edamame and renkon chips, sashimi and sushi, takoyaki with okonomiyaki, chicken karaage, sweet snapper roll, teriyaki salmon.   Octopus balls (Takoyaki) and lotus root crisps (renkon chips) being the outstanding dishes for us.  The edamame were chewy.  The green tea ice cream was a great finish.

Octopus balls
Takoyaki at Kokoro                     

I have been able to buy both the balls and the lotus root crisps, frozen the asian grocer at the Fyshwick markets, so there will be a future post featuring these dishes.

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