Monday, February 12, 2007


The 642.4 gang planned to descend on Deeks Bakery in Dickson, as it has been a while. If you want to know more about them , check out the website above. Deeks was created by Robert De Castella (the runner) and Bill Giles (a leader in bioenergetic medicine). They have two outlets in Canberra, the other is in Pearce. The Bakeries have a completely gluten free range of food.

Unfortunately when I got to TSS's t early o talk about Photo Shop, I found that two of our members could not turn up. We decided to go somewhere other than Deeks and save this up for a later date.

We ended up at Tilley's in Lyneham. Named after the Sydney bordello owner, Tilley Devine, the bar/cafe/restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner most days and has a good selection of often avant guard performers in the evenings. We managed to get a booth and could then watch people going by. It is very busy on a Sunday morning, but the service was efficient. TSS had the vegetarian plate with the lot and I had eggs hollondaise with bacon.

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