Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ok, you are tired and need to eat before going to bed, going partying, going mad! Here is a simple recipe, with ingredients in your pantry, ready in around 15 minutes on the table.

500gm spaghettini (or your favourite short pasta)
1 jar Barilla Pesto
baby spinach leaves
sun dried tomato strips

Cook the pasta until al dente, stir in jar of pesto, baby spinach leaves, sun dried tomato strips and serve.
Serves 6 hungry people or plenty of left overs for lunch tomorrow.

Cooks note:
  • If you click on the pesto link you will also find other recipes using pesto of various types.
  • Alternative additions include; slivered almonds, rocket, parmesan cheese, chopped fresh tomatoes, parsley, basil or corriander.

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